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It is critical to note the wide-ranging impacts that this project will have on the entire Shoreline Community:

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Partnering with Community Health Providers

BC2 has formed partnership with a medical organization who will operate inside a medical/office building located in the front of the property.  A focus will be on sports rehab, sports therapy and the testing and prevention of injuries.


In partnership BC2 will also include critical resources for mental and behavioral health in conjunction with our focus on overall wellness for individuals and families.

Aiding Economic Recovery and Workforce Development

Standard economic models for recreational facilities located in suburban areas shows that BC2’s annual budget will likely generate an annual return to the Shoreline economy of approximately $6.0 million on the community’s investment.


Our project will have an estimated

$80,000,000 economic impact on the Shoreline over 10 years through the hosting of tournaments as well as the hiring of over 100 employees. Moreover, local tournaments (2-3 per month) will bring in visitors from all over the northeast who will stay in local hotels, eat at local restaurants, buy gas at local stations and shop at local stores.


Providing Childcare

We love the sound of happy children and look forward to hearing their laughter in the childcare area in our new facility. BC2 will focus on safety, health, fitness, nutrition, and academic assistance while providing a fun place for children.

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Focusing on Family

Our facility will be a place where families can gather to participate in programs and activities together while building stronger family bonds and deepening connections within the community.

  • Teens: We want teens to have a place to call their own. BC2 will fill this need by offering afterschool activities and by opening the facility specifically for teens during peak recreational and social times.

  • Seniors: Through partnerships with local senior recreation initiatives, we will be expanding senior programs and services.

Addressing Inequality Through Access


It is our goal to offer all of our athletes and participants the highest-quality, competitive experience as possible in a diverse and vibrant setting. Through partnerships with local organizations in New Haven and the surrounding communities, we will provide transportation assistance to help ensure access to BC2’s facilities for participants. We will also assist individuals and youth programs by offering financial aid to those who may be in need of assistance in order to participate in BC2 programming.

Buildings and Climate Change

Buildings are responsible for more than 40 percent of global energy use and one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing emissions from buildings will bring multiple benefits to both the economy and to society.

Decision makers should seize the opportunity offered by the climate change crisis to build the foundation for sustainable development today and for the future. At BC2, we are actively addressing these issues by making critical decisions that directly impact our environment, such as employing the use of solar panels and providing charging stations for electric vehicles. We will design

our building following all LEED certification guidelines.

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